SilverSneakers & Prime Memberships
Active Life Fitness center is proud to be part of the Prime and SilverSneakers fitness center networks. 

The Healthways Prime membership program is designed specifically as an employer-based benefit given to employees as part of their benefits package.  It may be referred to by various names (such as Fitness Your Way) by the different employers.

Prime includes a basic gym membership, rewards and incentives through the Prime program, and one free session with a Certified Personal Trainer.

If you know you are elibilge for Prime, register at


SilverSneakers is the nation's leading exercise program designed exclusively for older adults and is available at no additional cost (beyond any monthly premium) to eligible Medicare health plan and group retiree members.  Research points to the significant health benefits of regular exercise for older adults. In addition to helping our members stay physically healthy, SilverSneakers also offers a great way for them to socialize, meet new friends and have fun.   To verify your eligibility and register for SilverSneakers go to

For additional information about Healthways programs stop by, or call Active Life @ (804) 557-3620